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                    Viscosity: Measured by BH type viscometer according to ASTM D445-83.
                    Amine Value: According to the titrimetry of HCl standard solution.
                    Color: Measured by Gardner colorimeter according to ASTM D1544-80.
                    Specific Gravity:      According to JIS. K. 6911. 5. 28.
                    Solids: According to JIS. K. 6838-76.
                    AHEW: Calculated in theory.
                    Use Level:

                    Concentration with undiluted, standard, liquid Bisphenol A epoxy, EEW 182-192, e.g., Epon 828 resin, DER  331  resin or Araldite 6010 resin.

                    phr: Parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin.
                    Gel Time or Pot life:

                    Measured in 150g mass in air at 25℃ for room temperature cures. Shelf life or working life measured at special conditions in case of elevated temperature cures.

                    Thin Film Set Time:

                    10 mil film applied immediately after mixing, measured by RCI dry time recorder. Similar to cotton-free or touch-dry  time in conventional coatings.


                    Use of ingredient may be limited by function or type of food or drink. Refer to regulations. FDA compliance is dependent  upon curing under conditions such that the nature and/or amount of extractables conform to the limits specified.

                     Solid epoxy  resins:

                    With standard, solid Bisphenol A epoxy, EEW 450-575, e.g., Epon 1001 resin, DER 661 resin or Araldite GT  7071 resin.


                    Not Applicable.


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